Monday, January 20, 2014

Rayman Legends Review

Alright, here it is. The last thing I have to review before I can officially close 2013. No more. Done. I can actually get a bit of a break from reviews for a few weeks. But in retrospect, I'm kind of happy that Rayman Legends is the last thing of 2013 I'm reviewing. In a nutshell, this game pretty much sums up what 2013 was all about. Hype and expectation, riddled with controversy, but overall was a really good product. What do I mean by all of that? Well when it was first announced, Legends was going to be a Wii U exclusive game. It was originally going to be released in February, but was pushed back by seven months in order to make ports for other consoles, because Ubisoft didn't think that being a Wii U exclusive would justify the cost of production. Fans raged about having to wait over half a year to play it, made even worse by the fact it was releasing against Grand Theft Auto V, also known as a game you NEVER RELEASE ANYTHING AGAINST. It didn't sell a lot, but it was still a fabulous game for those who were patient enough to wait.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mario Party Island Tour Review

For years, Mario Party has been a sacred tradition for many gamers. In the beginning, there was the original Mario Party. It was a game that destroyed friendships. It was a game that left those with the strongest of wills a weak shell of what they were. It was a game that physically hurt people. Since its inception in 1999, it has been a yearly tradition to release a new Mario Party game. Some of them were quite good, like Mario Party 2, 3, and 7, while others were regarded as terrible games. But in 2008, the series vanished off the face of the Earth. No one knew whether it would return or not, and were instead content with the memories of previous games. That is until 2012, when the false prophet appeared...Mario Party 9. It was called a Mario Party, but it had none of the soul of the original games. It was a travesty, and now more than ever, people claimed the series was dead and gone forever. Until last November... with the release of Island Tour. Join me, and I take a trip on the dreaded Island Tour. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Legend of Zelda: Link Between World Review

As some of you are aware, I like this game. I really, really like this game. As a matter of fact, I gave it my number 5 spot on my best games of 2013 list (which you should totally still read). So that begs the question; why am I reviewing this game if I've already said that this is a good game? Well, to make a long story short, it's very rare to see the evolution of a franchise, and I have a strong feeling that more Zelda games are going to be similar to Link Between Worlds, and that's not a bad thing in the slightest.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Top 10 Best Movies of 2013

And here it is. 2013's best movies. I've seen more movies than ever before this year, clocking in at a grand total of 32 movies. That's pretty much a movie every two weeks, and after going up and down with the quality of films this year, here are the ten best films of the year. It was actually fairly easy to pick my ten favorite movies, because there really only were ten great movies that came out. That's not to say they were bad movies by any means. It was actually really damned difficult to even rank these movies, because each of them was so damned good. There was a point where any movie really was in contention to be in my top 3 favorite movies, so it was painful at times to put a movie I really liked low on the list. As always, if you see a movie on this list that you like, great! If your favorite movie isn't on here, no need to despair. I probably just haven't seen the movie, or it belonged on a much less desirable list. So without further ado, here are my Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2013!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Top 5 Best Games of 2013

I think it's a well documented fact that I love video games. I know that most of my views come from my movie reviews, but video games are my bread and butter. I've loved them since I was a kid, and I'll probably love them until the day I die. That being said, 2013 was an interesting year for games. You had the launch of not one, but two consoles, and even had the third console, the Wii U, begin to pick up steam. As would be expected for a transitional year like this, the games that were released were good, but not quite as good as previous years. There was a lot of empty space this year and made it pretty difficult to pick 10 games that I could call "the best of the year". So instead, a Top 5 would work just fine for this year. As always, my opinion may differ from yours and you're entitled to whatever opinion you want. My favorite games will not be everyone's favorite games, but respect should still be paid. So here are my personal Top 5 Best Games of 2013!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Top 10 Worst Movies of 2013

2013 was a weird year for movies. Here you have a year that gave us countless movies that have had audiences split down the middle about whether they liked it or not. Man of Steel, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Iron Man 3, and a lot of other movies are just the tip of the iceberg. Hell, even The Wolf of Wall Street is leaving people split on whether they liked it or not. So when making a worst movies of 2013 list, not one list is going to be the same, which I find really interesting. Each list is its own beast and reflects on a person's tastes, and when you have a year with so many movies that have the potential to leave audiences disappointed, there's no limit as to what movies could be in the Top 10. Hell, I've seen lists where Man of Steel and American Hustle can be called "the worst movies of 2013". So the long and short of it is, my list is my own opinion. If you agree with some entries, more power to you. If not, that's perfectly fine. Enjoy the movies that you like, but understand why I would call it a bad movie. My only rule for being on this list is making it a movie that I've seen that was released this year.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Best Broadway Show of 2013

Well, 2013 has come and gone, so being a yearly tradition now, I'm going to give my take on 2013 as a whole! Specifically, let's talk about 2013 for Broadway. How can it be summed up? In my general opinion, 2013 was not a good year for Broadway. I usually see around 5-7 Broadway shows a year, and if I'm really lucky closer to 8-9, so this year  saw a whopping 7 shows; 2 off Broadway and 5 on Broadway. And then it hit me; I was enjoying the off Broadway shows a hell of a lot more than I was for actual Broadway shows. There was a lot more experimentation and even standout shows than what was done on Broadway, which instead released shows that played it safe in the most generic, banal way possible. So I decided that instead of doing a Top 5 Broadway Shows of 2013, I would instead talk about the best show of the year...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Seasonal Orders: Winter 2014


So as always, I just wanted to give a little update for the next three months and what's in store for the blog amongst several other things about the blog. So let's not dabble any further and just get right down to the knitty gritty!