Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Seasonal Orders; Spring 2015

Spring is finally here! Here's what's in store for the next three months!

Damn that was a brutal winter! Seriously, over here in New Jersey, it's been snowing on and off for a little over three months, finally ending about a week ago. Now I know this post is going to be earlier in comparison to previous seasonal orders, but I have a good reason for that. Anyway, here's what you can look forward to with the Critical Order and any other projects that I may be doing!


So it's been pretty light on the front of movies for the past few weeks. I stand by that even though 2015 might not have as many movies coming out, they've been infinitely better than any movie released last year (with one major exception). Still, now that we're reaching the summer blockbuster season, you can expect a lot more reviews and content coming from me.

That being said, I forgot to do this last season, but I'm going to put in my likelihood ratings again. I just think it's a lot fairer to see what are the chances of me reviewing a movie instead of promising the world and not delivering it. I know there were a few movies I didn't get to review this year so far, and I'll hopefully be able to cover them soon. So anyway, here are the movies you can expect to see me cover and how likely it is that I'll see them.

It Follows - I've heard a lot of really good things about this movie from its limited release, so here's to hoping that it'll actually live up to the hype. Color me curious. Likely
Unfriended - Another horror movie that's been getting a lot of hype, but it's probably going to be either really good or really bad. Only one way to find out. Likely
Avengers: Age of Ultron - Make a sequel to one of the highest grossing movies of all time. You had me at Avengers. Definitely
Poltergeist - I honestly don't know how to feel about this one. I may see it if it's worth all of the attention that it's getting, but I'm still not sold. Maybe
Tomorrowland - Brad Bird and Disney are a perfect combination, so this will have to tide me over until The Incredible 2. Likely
Jurassic World - I'm not the biggest Jurassic Park fan, but the trailer's make this movie look at least good... right? Maybe
Inside Out - It's been too long since I've seen an original Pixar movie, and I'm sure that this one is going to be great. Definitely
Ted 2 - You know, I'm not sure how this sequel is going to work, but I'm going to be optimistic on this one... for now. Likely


So as of right now, I've got several video games I'm playing through at the moment, and you can expect reviews of Mario Party 10 and Codename S.T.E.A.M to drop sometime in April. I've been behind on video game reviews because of how large the games are that I want to play and that I really don't have as much free time right now. Work is a harsh mistress, so I can only plug away at games slowly for now. I will not review a game unless I best the game, or have gotten far enough that I can confirm that there are no new gameplay elements added to the game (this usually works for non story games of course). Anyway, because video game releases are an unknown mistress, here's what you can expect from me in the upcoming months... maybe.

Mighty No. 9
Broken Age 
Yoshi's Woolly World

Besides those games, I am also going to try and get a PS4 sometime this year, so if it's during the Spring, you can also expect a review of Final Fantasy Type-0, a game that I am personally dying to play. I may also have one surprise in store for April, but you'll have to wait and see on that. And yes, I will cover E3 again this year with posts summarizing all of the major press conferences. Have no fear because E3 will be covered!


Okay, this one is going to be short and sweet in comparison to the rest. I'm busy catching up on watching Koufoku Graffiti as we speak, so here are the anime that I'll most likely be watching during the Spring. I'm going to limit myself from now on to watching anywhere between 4-6 shows a season now for posterity's sake. The titles this seasons are...

Assassination Classroom
Digimon Adventure tri
Owari No Seraph
Plastic Memories
Punch Line

Speaking of Winter 2015...


So I make it no shame to admit that I have a busy schedule. Besides this site, I am trying to catch up on several shows, I'm working on four separate projects both for theatre and film, and I have to juggle normal work and relaxation time. In short, I put a lot on my plate as of right now, and I need to get it all done before I take a break. So here's the deal. I'm going to post a lot of reviews for the next couple of week before taking a vacation for a few weeks. So here's for the next few weeks, here are my priorities. I'm going to do an April Fool's Day review, my Winter 2015 anime review, I'm going to finish the Pokemon Retrospective, review Mario Party 10, and complete a review of the movie Everly. For new movies that I said I was going to review, I'll still review them, but at my convenience. When I have time, I'll post up a review, but it won't be my first priority at least until my work load lightens up, which should be around mid May. After that, I can go back to a regular schedule.

So there we go! That's everything that's going to happen for the next few months. April will be busy, May will be light, and June will be somewhere in between. Until then, I'll see you around!

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