Sunday, March 12, 2017


Title says it all.

Hey everyone! Jesse here, just giving you all a quick update before the Seasonal Order about something new I'm trying out.

So, I've been experimenting a bit with making a set schedule now for when my reviews go up. Up until now, they've always been posted whenever they get done, but usually that gives me more stress than having a deadline for some reason. I think it's mostly because of the fact that I'm forcing myself to get things done as fast as possible to catch something at the height of its popularity instead of writing something thoughtful and actually getting my opinions across.

So what does this mean? Well, I'm glad you asked person on the other side of this screen! I will now be publishing one review a week now, which will be posted on Sunday afternoons. They could be about movies, games, or Top 10 lists. The actual content of the reviews won't change, so I'll still be writing them in my own unique way. But this way I don't have to worry about getting three reviews out in the span of a week and having no time for social life and actually enjoying myself.

I will say though that while you will always get a review on Sundays, I'm going to try and post something biweekly on Thursdays. For example, my schedule for the rest of the month is as follows. No review Thursday, but you'll get a review of Beauty & the Beast Sunday the 19th. The following Thursday the 23rd they'll be a review of Breath of the Wild, then the Sunday after that will most likely be Power Rangers, then the following Thursday there won't be a review. So depending on the month, you'll get anywhere between 4 to 6 reviews. Now keep in mind that I count stuff like "Seasonal Orders" and seasonal reviews of anime as a post, so that can hopefully alleviate some pressure that I'm feeling. And if posting on Thursdays doesn't work out, then I'll stick to posting on Sundays are work a few things around.

Tl;dr - I like my sanity and free time, so here's a set schedule. Reviews Sundays and maybe biweekly Thursdays, and you're all still pretty cool people :3

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