Sunday, June 14, 2015

E3 2015: Bethesda

E3 2015 starts off strong with Bethesda and Fallout 4.

Hello and welcome to your E3 Information rundown of 2015! E3 is that special time of year where gamers can put aside their differences and come together to see which of their favorite developers has the best press conference, announces the best games, and proves their dominance over the industry. Oh, and to play games I guess. There are 6 press conferences this year, so let's start things off right with that first press conference by a first time presenter, Bethesda.

When Bethesda announced their press conference, everyone knew exactly what was going to be announced and discussed during it. However, before we get to the big info dump, we at least have to first talk about the other games that Bethesda announced/detailed. In all fairness, they only had a handful of games to show off, but man did they show them off.

First up was the new Doom, a game that we've been waiting years to finally see footage of. Doom is one of those iconic properties that all gamers know and is a legendary franchise at that. Hell, it's the grandfather of all FPS games. It seemed fitting for Bethesda to lead their press conference with Doom, and it did not disappoint. I've never played Doom before, and while I'm not a huge FPS fan, I can safely that the game looks awesome. The action is intense, the combat is fluid, the enemies are incredible, and it just looks like a solid game. With a pegged release date of Spring 2016, I may actually be picking this game up based solely on how interesting the trailer looked.

Next up was a reveal that a lot of people were expecting, Dishonored 2. I loved Dishonored when it first came out, and the prospect of a sequel has me instantly hooked. Even though we only saw a brief trailer of it that detailed the world with nary a release date, I'm already itching to get at it and dive back into being a stealthy assassin that doesn't reek of yearly releases. However, the next reveal was a bit more puzzling to me. It was for Elder Scrolls: Legends, an Elder Scrolls card game. I'm puzzled as to why the game even exists, but given the recent craze that Hearthstone and Gwent have given people, I understand why it exists. I just never figured that playing an Elder Scrolls card game would be something that Bethesda imagined fans would be interested in.

So a hit and a miss for new announcements, but Fallout 4 was detailed, so all is right in the world. The amount of information announced with this press conference is staggering. You can craft buildings and weapons, design towns, explore Bethesda's "largest world yet", play as a male or female, have a companion app on your phone, explore Boston 200 year after the nuclear bombs detonated, and we saw enough gameplay footage to satisfy any fan of the series, or games in general. Hell, I was fully satisfied with everything Bethesda said about the game, and I may not even play it! To make things even sweeter, Fallout 4 with release this year on November 10, 2015.

For a first time presenter, Bethesda did everything right. They had new games, showed a plethora of information for their previously announced games, and actually gave solid release schedules for most, if not all their titles. While I may not want to play every game they announced (except for Dishonored 2 because HHHHNNNNNNGGGGHHHH), I think any console fan would be satisfied with their press conference. I know I was.

Also, points to reuniting Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb for your pre and post show. Kudos.

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