Monday, October 14, 2013

Gravity review

Gravity is one of those movies that's hard to actually describe. Honestly it's difficult to even write this review, not because I'm treading into spoiler territory, but because the marketing of this game is spot on. It's a movie in space and it's intense. Like, really intense. So basically this is a review of a movie I can't describe, but I really want to. So I'll just sum it up in a few words.

See this movie.

Not pictured: flying space whales
Everyone needs to see this movie, but that isn't a guarantee that everyone will like this movie however. Gravity is a movie that on paper should not work. The entirety of this movie is Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in space. 90 minutes of just the two of them floating around. There's very minimal music, sound is muted, and the dialogue is simplistic. In terms of story and characters, this movie is really basic and unimpressive.

THAT BEING SAID, that's not why people need to see this movie. From a technical standpoint, this movie is unlike anything I've ever seen. The special effects in this movie actually make you believe that you're in space and floating around. The key word there is "you" though, because you actually feel like you're in space. You feel like you're being throw around in space with limited oxygen and trying to survive. People have been saying to see this movie in IMAX, and they aren't lying. I didn't see this in IMAX or in 3D, but I would willingly go see this movie again just to experience it in 3D and IMAX.

I said before that this movie is very minimalistic, but that works to this movie's advantage. Audiences forget that this is space. There's no sound in space, and if there was constant noise in space, the mood would be shattered. To seeing debris flying around with no sound accompanying it, destroying everything in its path is beautiful to watch. This movie is the definition of less is more, and it's stronger for deciding not to make this movie very action intensive.

The Universe Hates Sandra Bullock: The Movie!
 I said before that this movie is just 90 minutes of Sandra Bullock and George Clooney floating around in space, and how that may be a detriment to the movie. Again, that shouldn't work as a movie because by only having two characters float in space talking to each other, we need to like these characters. If for example, we don't like Sandra Bullock's character, the inexperienced Dr. Ryan Stone, then we really won't like it when she has a large segment of the movie dedicated to her internal struggles. How can we root for a character if we don't like them?

But it works. It 100% works just having these two characters with very basic characteristics. By keeping them so basic and open, we as an audience can project ourselves onto them. We can identify with Sandra Bullock because of how much of an normal person she is. Everyone's had a problem in their life where an insurmountable conflict presented itself and we can't overcome it. On the other hand, George Clooney is a mentor figure that encourages Sandra Bullock and convinces her that yes, she can overcome any obstacle no matter how great it is. In other words, this is essentially a large scale version of every day life. We have a problem, we feel we can't overcome it, but we always have someone supporting us through it no matter what. It's just that no it's in SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Is Gravity the best movie I've seen all year? I don't know. There were a couple other movies that I would say are along the same lines as Gravity in terms of how memorable and high quality it was, but from a technical standpoint, there is no better movie this year. From a technical standpoint, it's better than Pacific Rim, and that is not a statement I say lightly. While you still have the chance, love it or hate it, this is a movie that everyone needs to experience. I give Gravity 5 minutes of floating in space out of 5.

................. Oh why the hell not?

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